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The 4 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

Hybrid bike is what you are going to need if you decided biking as your weekend activity. Basically, there are several things you need to prepare before the nature adventure; some of them are your physic and some biking stuffs as bike. For a lady who likes to do some biking activities during the weekend, either mountain biking or casual biking (in a park, for instance), there is this one type of bike you should consider choosing: the hybrid bike. So the concept of this bike is pretty much similar to other hybrid stuffs (as hybrid cars), in which this bike is suitable for any biking occasion. Now that more women seem to prefer this type of bike, there have been several models and brands of bike you can find out there – each model comes with slightly different feature and technologies as well. Well, what is the best hybrid bike for women ? Below are some of the recommended ones. 1. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike Amongst the so-many brands and models of hybrid bike,

Mountain Bikes - The Best All Terrain Bicycle

Mountain bikes are the bicycles which are specifically meant for the purpose of riding in mountainous areas or on rugged terrains. Their frame is made of strong metal which is jerk resistant in mountainous or hilly areas. Moreover its wheels are thick and rough which can bear the rough surface easily. To own a mountain bike is a dream of many young people. But usually they face the problem in purchasing it owing to its high price. They also want to buy it by saving the money so that their dream may come true. As its name depict, some people consider that this bike is only meant for hilly areas but reality is different; it is also best used in plains as well. This bike is a fashion that makes life comfortable. Everybody whether young or old, men or women, irrespective of the gender and age, can ride it. It looks elegant as it has many accessories which make it a focal point for everyone. Young people like to ride it as it symbolizes chivalry, courage, and sophisticated tas

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mountain Biking Shoes

Cycling is the most popular form of fitness today, closely followed by running. While every runner would undoubtedly tell you how important is to have proper footwear, this fact is much less known in the cycling community at large. While you can perfectly ride your bike with regular shoes, if you opt to use shoes that are specifically designed for use on bike You will definitely notice the increase in efficiency. Types Of Mountain Bike Shoes There are three different types of biking shoes. Those are mountain bike shoes, which we will focus on, sport/casual bike shoes and road biking shoes. They all have their advantages and disadvantages when compared to each other but they overall provide better cycling performance. Advantages of wearing mountain bike shoes are numerous. First, you will get better energy transfer from your feet to the pedals, due to the very stiff soles, compared to regular shoes. Second, mountain bike shoes offer greater protection for your feet on t

What To Avoid And What To Look For When You Get a Bike Rack

Today’s bikes cost a fortune, so cyclists now must get the best bike racks that will avoid theirs bikes to get damage and also would allow them to lock the wheel and frame with a safe and effective ‘U’ locks. It is a shame that a lot of parking facilities provided for cyclists and people and general are poorly manufactured and even the design is not the one that fits to their needs. Cyclists must lock their bicycles to trees or posts, or also leaning them against a building front. This may damage others property or become a problem to pedestrians. Therefore, Check out these initial guidelines that will help you choose an appropriate bike rack . Things To Avoid Security – A lot of bikes have ‘quick release’ front wheels, so your choice would need to include security for this wheels and frames. Buy a rack that allows you to lock with a U lock the wheel and also the frame. Any damage – If a public parking rack would dent or damage a bicycle it won’t be used. There ar