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The 4 Best Hybrid Bikes for Women

Hybrid bike is what you are going to need if you decided biking as your weekend activity. Basically, there are several things you need to prepare before the nature adventure; some of them are your physic and some biking stuffs as bike.

girl on bicycle

For a lady who likes to do some biking activities during the weekend, either mountain biking or casual biking (in a park, for instance), there is this one type of bike you should consider choosing: the hybrid bike. So the concept of this bike is pretty much similar to other hybrid stuffs (as hybrid cars), in which this bike is suitable for any biking occasion.

Now that more women seem to prefer this type of bike, there have been several models and brands of bike you can find out there – each model comes with slightly different feature and technologies as well. Well, what is the best hybrid bike for women?

Below are some of the recommended ones.

1. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

Amongst the so-many brands and models of hybrid bike, Schwinn seems to be a company that would not miss the opportunity to complete the market.

One of this company’s hybrid bike is Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike with 700c of wheels –some sources mentioned that this is one of the best hybrid bikes For women under $400. Comes with such stylish design, this hybrid bike has the aluminum city frame, SR Suntour suspension fork, and also SR Suntour alloy crank.

This bike is also equipped with Promax alloy linear pull brakes, rear gear carrier, and also the Shimano rear derailleur. Many customers like this hybrid bike model, in which some of them mentioned that this bike is stylish, versatile, and also though in trails to off roading activities.

Another customer also complimented this bike’s design and toughness –and this is why it receives a five-star rating in a reputable online retailer.

2) Schwinn Crest Urban Women’s Hybrid Bike

Schwinn obviously know well the meaning of quality in biking as it also offers another hybrid bike lineup that is included into one of the Best Hybrid Bikes For Women Under $400. Schwinn Crest Urban Women’s Hybrid Bike, which comes with 700c wheels as well, is the aforementioned best hybrid bike.

This is a women’s hybrid bike that comes with 17-inch of aluminum hybrid frame and such stylish design. Some features you can enjoy when using this bike are TX-31 rear derailleur, SRAM 21-speed grip shifters, the steel-cage platform pedals, and also the Schwinn hybrid saddle. Overall, this hybrid bike is quite good in components, and it is comfortable too.

The pedals are good and the seat/front shocks are mediocre. However, you have to deal with the weight that is slightly on heavy side. Moreover, the water cage position is too low in this bike.

3) Diamondback Women 2012 Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike

Another hybrid bike in the list of Best Hybrid Bikes For Women Under $400 is from the Diamondback 2012 Clarity 1 Performance Hybrid Bike for Women, which comes with aluminum insight performance hybrid fork.

Some features of this hybrid bike are: Shimano Altus Rear Derailleur, Equation Double Wall Alloy Rims, Clarity Integrated Hi Ten Ferrous Aero Straight Blade Fork, and so forth. The components of this hybrid bike are pretty good –and besides, it has the idea of women’s sized bike. In other words, this bike will not be a burden when taking it out or riding it.

However, this bike should be assembled first, and it is rather tough to assemble the components. Especially if you have never had an experience in assembling a hybrid bike’s components, this bike will give you a bad time.

4) Jeep Compass Woman’s Hybrid Bike (700c Wheels, 17-Inch Frame)

Jeep is also offering a hybrid bike for women that are included into one of the Best Hybrid Bikes for Women Under $400 you can choose: the Jeep Compass Women’s Hybrid Bike with 700c wheels and 17-inch of frame.

Similar to its market name, this hybrid bike is equipped with adjustable 700c alloy rims that are also adjustable. Other features are including Shimano 21 speed drive train and Shimano TZ-31 front derailleur. All technologies, features, and components equipped in this hybrid bike works well, although there are few minor problems you have to deal with when riding the bike.

One of these minor problems is that when you were turning, the handlebar grip might be slid off –some customers have complained about this drawback.

When Shopping for the Best Hybrid Bikes For Women Under $400

Now here comes one of the hardest part in shopping for a hybrid bike: choosing one that suits you the most. When choosing one of the before mentioned bike models, it is recommended that you take your budget into account.

Yes, they are all are under $400 –but this is to assume that you probably have a little bit lower budget than that. You should also take your biking needs and the features of the bike into account. In addition, online retailer as Amazon will make the selection process much easier as you can preview and compare directly each Best Hybrid Bikes For Women Under $400.